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DIY playground hanging bars {Heather's Handmade Life}

Three summers ago we built a simple wooden teeter-totter for $60 and the kids still love it today. It opened our eyes to the genius of building your own playground equipment from solid wood, rather than spending hundreds or thousands on dinky metal and plastic sets.

My babies were so little here! Sniff! (Oh yeah, click for the full seesaw tutorial)

Last summer, we built a set of monkey bars for $175 and they’re still the most popular thing in our backyard — well, maybe second to the swings.

Read the full tutorial for our DIY monkey bars
Read the full tutorial for our DIY monkey bars

This summer, I decided we could expand on the monkey bars and add two hanging bars. The kids love flipping around on the ones in their school playground, and it felt like a natural next step in our backyard.

It started off pretty similar to the monkey bar build — the same pressure-treated 4×4 posts and the same giant ground spikes to keep them snugly nestled in the yard. Because we were building the bars off the existing monkey bars, we just needed two new posts. (My handy husband even remembered the trick he “invented” last summer, where he used a small scrap of 4×4 to help him pound the spike into position before adding the real post.)

We’d purchased the monkey bars as a set, but the hanging bars needed to be hunted down since they’re not a standard piece of playground equipment. It involved visits to several different stores as we shopped for something decidedly unusual …

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DIY playground hanging bars {Heather's Handmade Life}
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