The not-a-party birthday party

We’ve celebrated 13 — nearly 14 — kiddie birthdays so far between our two children, and we have learned a LOT. We’ve figured out which parties are the most expensive, which parties require the most effort (before, during and after) and which parties we swore we’d never repeat.

There’s the house party, which can feel incredibly claustrophobic and requires cleaning your house twice — yuck. There’s the rent-a-venue party, which is typically the biggest party and can make your bank account weep. And then there’s a third kind of party, which has become our favourite — the “outing.”

Cake pops make excellent “portable cake.”

We started this tradition last year, and I don’t see us changing it anytime soon. Last year we took our daughter and a few good friends to Clay Cafe to paint pottery, and it was awesome. We took our son and a few friends to the local rec centre for rock-climbing and a swim, and we just repeated that this year for our daughter’s birthday.

Since it’s not a “party,” we’re not shelling out the hundreds of dollars to book the party room and rent the leisure pool. We’re just paying for a family day pass (or two family passes, depending on the number of friends) …

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3 Comments on “The not-a-party birthday party

  1. What cake pop recipe did you use? I’ve always wanted to make them but have never been brave enough!

    • I’m planning on a post on it actually! Didn’t use a recipe — just mashed up a cake (made from a mix) with a few tablespoons of frosting, squished it into balls, and used candy melts from Michaels to coat them. It was surprisingly easy.

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