Budget-friendly kids’ gallery wall

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The thing about decorating kids’ rooms is a parent’s instinct is often to (a) add bright colours and (b) let the kids pick out things they like. Neither of those things are wrong, but they can both lead to decorating roadblocks.

I was recently called in to help tweak the decorating in Addy’s room. It was full of light and had excellent “bones” in the form of matching white Ikea furniture, but her mom didn’t feel the room looked “finished.”

Two things struck me immediately: (a) wow, that is a PINK accent wall, and (b) ugh, a Trolls poster is not an ideal focal point.

The pink wall wasn’t a problem. It was even a really nice pink — a preferred shade I have always called Barbie Pink. The trouble was that it was so bright and eye-catching, the only thing to look at was . . . that framed Trolls poster. (Yes, Trolls is a fun movie with excellent songs — I have the soundtrack on my iPhone — but I don’t enjoy characters in decorating or clothing, as a rule.)

I took a bunch of photos and measurements, and went home to start working on pieces for a fun, fresh gallery wall arrangement to replace Poppy and her friends.

I was going to use two large canvas prints that Addy already owned (both from Winners) along with a light-up unicorn, but I needed smaller elements to mix in. I also wanted to balance out all of the pink by adding lots of white and pops of aqua and yellow.

Here are seven different ways I created inexpensive new pieces for Addy’s gallery wall …

Budget-friendly kids’ gallery wall {Heather's Handmade Life}

1. Laser-cut wooden frames.

These basic wood frames (no glass or backing) are usually around $1 at the craft store and are easy to paint. I filled one with a picture of JoJo Siwa (cut from an old calendar page I found in Addy’s room), and the other holds a chihuahua birthday card from her friend, Kinley.

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Budget-friendly kids’ gallery wall {Heather's Handmade Life}

Budget-friendly kids’ gallery wall {Heather's Handmade Life}

Budget-friendly kids’ gallery wall {Heather's Handmade Life}
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