LED bulbs versus an LED fixture

Our finished basement had the world’s worst light fixtures. They were curvy metal track lights with halogen bulbs that were constantly burning out, leaving the basement darker and dingier than it already was.

While I was converting our basement playroom into my new home office I knew I had to spring for better light fixtures. I went with two 16-inch Orinoco flush-mount fixtures ($39.99 each) with LED bulbs. They take three 60W bulbs, and they’re clean and simple — basically just huge white circles with three chrome clips.

For my “studio,” a.k.a. the laundry room where I paint and use my power tools, I decided to try an actual LED fixture. I picked a 13-inch Luminus for $59.99. It’s supposed to work for 25,000 hours, which is almost 23 years if you keep it on for three hours a day — plus you never need to change a light bulb.

They look REALLY similar, don’t they? Two flat white circles? So why did I choose regular fixtures with LED bulbs for one room, and a full-blown LED fixture for the adjacent room?

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