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DIY chair pockets for classrooms

We’re less than a week from starting school (!!!) and a lot of my friends are teachers, so sometimes they let me help them decorate their classrooms. (Literally the one thing I think I’d enjoy as a teacher, other than writing on those big pads of paper on the big stand.)

(Literally the one area I think I’d thrive as a teacher, other than writing on those big pads of paper on the big stand.)

My good friend has her very own Primary class after years of working part-time, and I was SO pumped to make her something for the occasion.

For less than $20 in stretchy fabric from the discount section, I was able to make 20 of these chair pockets for the tiny (adorable) chairs in her classroom.

Want a set for your own classroom (holla, teachers!) or for a special teacher in your life? (They are ALL special, for real.)

Here’s how to make your own …

Cut a length of STRETCHY knit fabric that’s about 32″ long and 12″ wide.

It honestly does NOT have to be exact, thanks to the stretchiness.

Chop your piece of fabric in half, about 12″ from the bottom.

I didn’t measure except for this picture, TBH.

Now you’ll have two pieces — a longer (20″ or so) and a shorter (12″ or so). 

Take your longer piece. Fold up the bottom until it’s about 4″ from the top.

(You’re making a pocket.)

Take the edge and fold it over about 1″.

This is to make a nice folded-under edge on the finished product. (No need to hem because stretchy fabric won’t fray — it just looks nicer folded under.)

Pin the edges to prevent your fold from unfolding.

Place your shorter piece over the longer piece. 

They should be roughly the same size, but do NOT sweat it if they’re not. This is supposed to be fun, and I never stress over measurements. Obviously.

Take the bottom of the shorter piece, and fold the edge UP 1″.

This is the opposite of what you did last time, and it’s all very confusing, but basically this part will be an “inside” of a pocket, so the edge is going to fold in. Just trust me.

Pin the edge to secure the folded-under bit, and then pin around all three edges.

Sew or serge around those three edges.

You can use a stretch-stitch (or zig-zag) on a regular machine.

Then turn your creation right-side out, and you’ll see a complicated-looking thing with a pocket on each side (one facing up, and one facing down). 

One pocket slides over the back of the chair, and the other pocket holds books, school supplies, or whatever else the little urchins want to store in there. Because it’s made from stretchy fabric, you don’t need to buy (or mess around with) elastic.

Thanks for checking out my first teacher tutorial! Let me know if you make these for a classroom — I’d love to see photos.

Now back to your regularly-scheduled programming of counting down until the first day of school.

(Five days, 21 hours and 58 minutes until mine are on the bus. But who’s counting?)