Our home’s tried-and-true paint shades

A lot of people find picking a paint colour REALLY hard, but I can’t get enough of it. 
That doesn’t mean I’m always choosing the RIGHT colour, of course. But I love the thrill of pawing through the different paint chips and brazenly deciding on one. 
We’ve painted every single room in our house in the 5+ (wow, almost six) years we’ve lived here. 

Some of the rooms have been painted more than once. (Ummm, like … five of them.) So we’ve learned a lot about paint colours and how to know when we’ve landed on a good one.
I thought it would be nice to list all of the colours/manufacturers in a single post. Mostly for when I need to touch something up and can’t remember what I used. 😉

So, in random order (well, alphabetical, because that’s the way Blogger works), here are my top 10 favourites from our home:

1. Benjamin Moore’s “Straffordshire Blue” (OR-416)

I love this rich, deep navy in our son’s bedroom. It’s been up for years and I’m not even a little bit sick of it, which really says something.

2. Benjamin Moore’s “Revere Pewter.” (HC-172)

It really is just as wonderful as you’ve heard. We now have it in our master bedroom, top-floor bathroom and part of our open-concept living room/kitchen/hall.

3. CIL’s “Bali Hai Teal” (56GG 64/258)

This used to be the colour of our daughter’s bedroom and I loved it. It was fresh, fun and looked good with so many different colours.

4. CIL/Dulux’s “Bear Run” (10BG 47-112)

Every time I post a kitchen/dining room/living room photo on Instagram, I get asked a couple of times about this paint colour. It’s a beautiful light blue that pairs perfectly with white and grey.

It actually was named Dulux’s 2017 Colour of the Year and we used it waaaaay back in like 2012, so I’m pretty smug about that.

5. PPG’s “Antique Slate” (PPG13-29)

Our ChrisLovesJulia-inspired basement bathroom uses this deep blueish-green on the lower half of the walls (with untinted white on top) and I love it. It’s dark but really muted so it’s not too bright.

6. PPG’s “Pinot Noir” (PPG13-18)

This is the current colour of our daughter’s bedroom. It’s a dreamy soft grey-purple. Oh, and the bed is also painted with PPG (“Rice Chips”), which is what I used for the chair-rail. The beadboard is untinted white.

7. SICO’s “Autumn Brown” (semi-transparent exterior wood stain)

I repaint this darn deck every summer (or does it just feel like that?!) and yes, I have used the blog in the past to Google what shade we use. Now it’s ingrained in my brain: Autumn Brown, Autumn Brown, Autumn Brown. But it really is a nice colour.

8. SICO’s “Egg Yolk” (6093-54)

This is only used on the interior of a few doors in my DIY studio, so it’s not visible on the outside of the house, BUT I would totally use it for a front door colour. I LOVE IT.

It’s not easy picking a yellow paint colour that isn’t too pale or too sickly-greenish, but this yellow is bold, sunny and perfectly warm — not too light, too orange or too green.

9.  SICO’s “Naples Bay” (6149-42)

One of the most recent shades to hit our home, it’s the bright turquoise lightening up my basement DIY studio — on the floor and on the oil tank. I wouldn’t pick it for walls (or even doors, likely) but it works so well in this fun space.

10. SICO’s “Red Cherry” (6053-75)

Funny story about this one. I was convinced I wanted to repaint my pale-pink home office something brighter, and I thought I was buying a really deep, hot pink shade. That’s what it looked like on the paint chip!

When Darling Husband got it up on the walls, I was dismayed to see it was just … red. Not hot pink. But considering it was the second time he’d painted that room for me, I shut up and didn’t say anything.

I like the red a lot, especially with the black and white accessories I’ve added. But … it’s not hot pink. 😉


What do you think of my top paint shades? What’s your personal fave? Let me know in the comments or over on Facebook!

2 Comments on “Our home’s tried-and-true paint shades

  1. I want to paint my kitchen and dining room. The rooms are next to each other with an archway between. I love the egg yolk for the kitchen. Would it be awful to paint the dining room the same color to make the rooms look bigger or what would you suggest for the dining room to compliment the kitchen. I would like lighter colors.


    • The egg yolk colour is GORGEOUS but it would be tricky for a whole room — likely very overpowering. I certainly wouldn’t paint both rooms that shade, but it could work nicely in the kitchen in a smaller dose. What about doing both rooms in a nice neutral (Revere Pewter, Edgecomb Grey, etc.) and using “Egg Yolk” to paint a pantry door, etc. just for a little pop of colour?


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