The perfect Mother’s Day

On the perfect Mother’s Day, I’d wake up to breakfast in bed served at exactly the right time and temperature. My darling children would present me with eggs, bacon, hash browns and a perfectly-buttered English muffin, and then graciously offer to “take” the carbs for me while I gobbled the bread and potatoes, since their little bodies will easily burn them off.

But the perfect Mother’s Day would also mean I’d wake up in a clean, dark, air-conditioned hotel room. I wouldn’t even look at the time.

I’d lie there in the silence, dozing on and off, until I felt like I was completely rested. Room service would arrive through an opening in the wall so I didn’t need to get up or see the person delivering it.

On the perfect Mother’s Day, I’d open beautiful handmade cards that my children made just for me. I’d admire their printing and compliment their crayon drawings of us together. I’d get a jewelry box made from a tissue box covered in construction paper and I’d listen to an off-key song they made up about how much they love me.

But the perfect Mother’s Day would also mean I’d be lavished with the gifts my family has thoughtfully chosen. I’d open package after package and none of them would be items I’d bought, wrapped and handed to my husband so he could sign the gift tag. I’d be sent to the spa for the afternoon. I’d leave feeling pampered and rejuvenated …

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