Five ways to prepare your child for Primary

Our daughter is all registered for primary in September and with that comes a flurry of meetings and orientation sessions for both of us.

Even though I went through all of this two years ago with our son, I was surprised by a few of the “primary readiness” tidbits I’d forgotten.

If your child is starting school in September, here are a few things you might want to spend the next few months working on.

1. Fine motor skills

I’d forgotten that scissors training was a thing. Sure, my daughter knows how to use scissors — heck, she has her own hot glue gun — but is she on par with her peers? Can she cut straight lines and wavy lines and, I don’t know, corners?

There was also a discussion on developing fine motor skills. Several of the primary teachers said building with Legos and doing puzzles were two great fine motor activities and that using Play-Doh strengthens the muscles in their little hands.

Who knew that was something to be considered? Not me, for sure. (I’m famous for getting fed up every few months with the dried-up cans of crumbly Play-Doh and throwing it all in the garbage, only to re-buy fresh stuff once I’ve forgotten about the mess.)

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  1. Awesome shoe hack — take a sticker that is clearly a certain shape (like a heart), cut it in half and put the left half in the bottom of the left shoe and the right half in the bottom of the right shoe. Then they can line up the shape and know which shoe goes on which foot!

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