Converting our bi-fold closet doors to double doors


It seems I’m always tweaking something in our front hall closet — mainly because it’s one of the messiest, frequently-used spots in the house.

I thought I’d done everything I could to make the closet functional and attractive. I’d removed the hanging rod and installed hooks. I’d replaced the storage baskets with a cohesive set. I’d even painted the doors black and replaced the hardware with prettier knobs.

But there was one easy project that blew my mind when I discovered it in the depths of Pinterest — converting our squeaky bi-fold doors into double doors.

Now, you might say that it doesn’t sound like a very useful or interesting project. After all, the doors aren’t getting replaced, they’re just getting a little tweak.

But here’s why I knew immediately I wanted to do it: extra storage (by being able to put hooks on the doors themselves) and a fancier feel.

First, a disclaimer: Bi-fold doors are OK. I’m not hating on bi-fold doors.

They were on almost every closet in our house, and I hadn’t really thought about whether I liked them or hated them — they were just closet doors, after all. But when I realized how easy it was to be to change them into a more dramatic set of double swing-out doors, I knew I’d do it to every set we had …

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