Nothing to wear? Make something.

I went to a special photography + flower-arranging workshop for bloggers on Sunday (more on that soon) and, of course, I started the morning in a panic of what to wear.
Since I work at home, I live in leggings and T-shirts and sweatshirts. Oh, and Zumba clothes
So when I’m going to be out with REAL ADULT PEOPLE in a PROFESSIONAL kind of place, I get really, really nervous that I’m going to be an out-of-place slob. 
As usual, my favourite adult pattern came to my rescue. I’d had a piece of cozy knit fabric sitting on my shelves (having bought it MONTHS ago and never getting to it), so I whipped off another Laundry Day Tee in 20 minutes before leaving for Halifax. 
Don’t mind the selfie stick. It’s just easier if I take a picture myself rather than whining that my husband is taking shots where I’m all chin.

These shirts are THE MOST COMFY SHIRTS EVER, so I highly encourage you to hop over to Love Notions and buy the pattern (which is on sale right now for five bucks). 
You don’t need a serger.
You don’t need crazy sewing skills.
You just need some stretchy fabric, thread, and like 20 minutes.
You’ll LOVE it. Trust me.


More Laundry Day Tees!

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