Quilts from baby clothes

This project has been sponsored by Atlantic Fabrics’ six locations across Nova Scotia, including the newest store on Parkland Drive.

Back in January I wrote about how I’d finally decided to purge the (very large) plastic bins of “special” baby clothing in our closets.

Do you really need to keep ALL of those baby clothes? Nope!

I finally got around to turning some of the most meaningful pieces into a baby clothes quilt, so today I’m going to walk you through exactly how to make your own, with the help of my good friends at Atlantic Fabrics.

1. Start by sorting.

Go through your bins — all of them — and put everything into one of three piles: keep, cut or donate.

My “keep” pile was extremely small and included a few outfits to pass down to my sister, a few outfits for the kids to keep (for my future grandchildren) and a few items for me to cry over in my nursing home someday. My “cut” pile was all of the clothing that I wanted to preserve in the quilts, including a few baby blankets, bibs and pairs of socks, and everything else was donated.

Because I’d sewn about half of my daughter’s special outfits, I was able to cut the squares from leftover material and spare the actual dresses, so they got handed down to a lovely friend who can use and appreciate them.

Why I sew my kids’ clothes

2. Cut out squares.

This part takes the most time, but it’s pretty mindless and you can do it while binge-watching Riverdale on Netflix. Pick up a onesie or shirt, cut up the sides (so you’re only dealing with the front layer), trace a square with a marker, cut it out and repeat.

With sleepers, you’ll want to cut your square from the back where there isn’t a zipper or snaps. For tiny pairs of pants, cut up the side seams and open them up to get a big enough area to trace a square.

If I hadn’t cut these tiny leggings up the sides, I wouldn’t have had enough fabric to cut a square.

To preserve tiny pairs of socks and bibs, I just sewed them onto an extra square (usually cut from the plain back of a shirt).

Continue reading in my weekly parenting column, The Mom Scene …

Continue reading in my weekly parenting column, The Mom Scene …

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  1. Woww, this is another interesting post. I like how you described the whole process, so amazing. Love

    • Thanks, Frieda! I do love how these turned out.

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