Why too many days off school make me crazy

I’m almost positive my son and daughter attend Grade 1 and preschool, respectively. It’s just that for the last three or four weeks, they’ve barely gone.

At least it feels that way, between flu bugs, coughs, snow days, labour action, holidays and more snow days.

I actually looked up the definition of “stir-crazy,” expecting it to have a photo of me looking frazzled and cranky. But, no, it means “psychologically disturbed, especially as a result of being confined or imprisoned.”

It pretty much describes my state of mind for the entire month of February.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t believe in sending kids to school when they’re sick. I don’t think it’s safe for people to be on the road in bad weather, and I have nothing but respect and love for teachers.

It’s just that all of these missed school days are slowly driving me batty …

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