Whimsical DIY shelves from end tables

We’ve been working on a sky-high loft bed as part of our four-year-old daughter’s bedroom makeover, and that meant there were two pieces of furniture she definitely didn’t need anymore: her two nightstands.

I mean, unless we wanted to hang them from the ceiling? Hmmm . . .

I knew I absolutely wanted to reuse them somehow. They’re solid wood with beautiful curvy details, and the process of making them — cutting a single end table in half to get two nightstands — was so fun.

But since she wasn’t going to be able to use them as nightstands when her bed was hovering near the ceiling, I had to think of a new use for them. I stared at them for a long time and eventually tried stacking them. What if I . . . yes! That was it!

There’s a great bookstore and coffee shop here in Truro called NovelTea, and they have a fabulous wall of shelves built from halved coffee tables and end tables — all arranged in stacks and painted the same colour. It was the perfect way to reuse these nightstands.

NovelTea’s cool shelves

So I took another hand-me-down end table I’d had for a while — painted in Fusion Mineral Paint’s Algonquin but only used for a while in our living room. We sliced it in half down the middle, using our circular saw, just like we’d once done to make those nightstands.

One end table, SLICED!

Then I spread out a dropcloth and started painting all four of the table-halves — tops, bottoms and underneath, since most nooks and crannies would be visible. I used one of Fusion Mineral Paint’s new shades, Coral, which was a Christmas gift from the lovely owners of Phillips & Chestnut Victorian Salvage & Decor. It’s a stunning colour and it’s always fun to paint with something so vibrant.

After a couple of rounds of painting, flipping the tables, painting again and doing final touch-ups, they were ready to install …

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