DIY Lego countertops

We built our son a Lego table a few years back. It was simple enough, with a single shelf to hold a plastic storage bin with all of his pieces. But do you know what happens when a child continues to want nothing but Lego sets for every birthday and Christmas?

A single, modest Lego table no longer cuts it.

View the original Lego table tutorial

We realized on Boxing Day that we needed something bigger — immediately. Our entire dining room table was covered with brand-new creations and the table in his room was already overloaded.

So, a new Lego solution jumped to the top of our project list, and we went upstairs to measure his bedroom.

The ideal wall was 15 feet long, so we decided to frame out the bases for two counters that would be six-and-a-half feet long. My husband put these together with 2x4s with sheets of meranti plywood to hold slim plastic storage drawers.

Our son was using a wheeled contraption with drawers to colour-code his pieces (formerly my scrapbook paper organizer) so we wanted to reuse these drawers instead of buying new ones.

We hefted both (really heavy) frames upstairs to our son’s room and I got to work on sanding them. It was my first time using my mouse sander (a Christmas present) and I loved that it had a pointy tip to get into hard-to-reach areas.

There was no way I wanted to paint these two beasts — especially since I knew, down the road, I’d have to paint custom bunk beds to match — so I decided staining would be much faster.

I picked out a new shade — Minwax’s Weathered Oak — that was a natural barnboard-like tone and a single coat was all it took. Gotta love the speed of staining!

Once the stain was dry, the next step was finishing the playing surface …

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Continue reading in my weekly DIY column, My Handmade Home …

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