KonMari for kids: Yes, it’s possible!

Janine Young admits she once had far too many toys in her house and her kids never seemed to notice the ones she tucked away.

Now she involves her children in the process and asks them questions like ‘How does it make you feel when you play with that?’ to gauge their response. Sometimes the kids decide they don’t care about a particular toy and it’s time to let it go.

“My oldest will tell you what sparks joy and when something doesn’t. He’ll let me know immediately,” says Young. “I look at this as a skill he’ll carry for the rest of his life. He won’t need to feel burdened by things or obligated to keep things.

“Kids don’t need or want as much as people think they do.”

Check out my full interview with Janine and all of her great KonMari-for-kids tips!

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