I’m a taekwondo mom … and I love it!

In six years of parenting, our kids’ extracurricular activities have included gymnastics, soccer, T-ball, Beavers, swimming, cheerleading and ballet. It sounds decent in a single sentence, but a lot of their friends have tried all of that along with piano, basketball, tennis, skating and hockey.

Our son and daughter are very social but not particularly “sporty,” so the only activity that’s stuck has been ballet for our daughter (and swimming for them both, only because it’s a life skill). Our son’s enjoyed everything he’s attended, for the most part, but he hadn’t found anything that really, truly clicked. I sold him the idea of taekwondo because he loves the Power Rangers — all eleventy-billion seasons of it — and he started in September.

I didn’t know much about it going in, other than it was likely going to be quieter than Beavers (shudder) and that sounded pretty great. We have friends who have all three of their kids in taekwondo and they absolutely love it.

Well, our six-year-old just wrapped up his first term and I can say with confidence that we’ll be back for more. It’s brand-new to us and we’re still figuring it all out, but so far it’s been interesting (and quiet!) to watch, and our son loves every minute of it.

To give you an idea of what it’s like watching, here are 40 thoughts that run through my head during my kid’s taekwondo class:

1. We’re not late! And I’m only slightly sweaty from rushing here. Success!

2. I hope he remembered to bow when he entered. What’s the gym called again? A dojang? Or is that what the outfit’s called? I’d better not say “dojang” until I know.

3. Hmm. That girl’s uniform is really grey. Is ours going to get all grey?

4. I guess I should wash it eventually?

5. It’s not like he’s crawling around on the floor in it. Or going outside.

6. Maybe if I’m really careful and make him take it off immediately after every class, it won’t get very dirty?

7. I think I did a decent job tying the belt tonight. They probably won’t even have to …

8. Oh wait, they’re retying it. What am I doing wrong?! I’ll have to YouTube it next week. If we’re not running late …

Continue reading the other 32 thoughts (*double-checks the math*) I have during taekwondo in my weekly parenting column, The Mom Scene!

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