DIY stuffed animal zoo

“You spent HOW MUCH on bungee cording!” There was a sentence I never imagined saying.

It all started when I saw photos of stuffed animal ‘zoos’ on Pinterest. The idea was to make a wooden cage for the zillions of stupid stuffed animals your children won’t let you throw out (but never play with, of course). You use bungee cords to make the ‘bars’ of the cage so it’s easy to cram more of those fuzzy, falling-apart dust-collectors in there.

I was planning to build two of them myself — one for each of our children’s rooms — but my handy husband was intrigued by the idea and decided he’d do it. I told him to go for it, and patiently answered texts while he sent me pictures of different bungee cord colours from the hardware store. After I picked the pretty yellow bungee and he brought it home, I discovered he’d actually just bought a lot of non-stretchy rope. He went back and returned later with actual bungee cording, but it wasn’t nearly as pretty.

Please excuse the lack of ‘progress’ photos this week, dear readers, as my husband built the cage without me realizing he was out in his Woodshop of Solitude in the backyard …

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