For me, Monat wasn’t a miracle … but here’s why I don’t regret trying it

I’ve had a couple of people ask how I liked the Monat hair system I tried back in July, and I must admit — I have avoided writing this post.

I was dreading the point when I had to admit that it didn’t do anything for me. 

Let’s start with the basics: cost.

Everyone who’s interested in Monat has inklings that it’s going to be kinda pricey, and it is. One hundred and twenty nine dollars plus tax for the Renew shampoo, Restore leave-in conditioner, and Replenish masque. (It’s $110 for VIP customers.)

Now, I didn’t really care for the idea of a mask (sorry, “masque”) but it’s one of those deals where you feel like a sucker if you order individual products. It’s just like how at McDonalds it’s cheaper to get a combo than it is to buy items separately. (I apologize, Monat, for lowering your fancy brand to this example.)

Yes, it was painful to spend more than $100 on THREE HAIR PRODUCTS. I normally spend about $5 on a big bottle of Pantene or Herbal Esssences or whatever the drugstore happens to have on sale that week. I’m not picky, and no, my hair is not crap because I use cheap shampoo and conditionner thankyouverymuch.

So the products arrived, and they really were beautiful. I was excited to start using them and get that to-die-for Monat hair everyone on social media is always raving about.


I didn’t notice any amazing results after the first wash, but I figured that was normal — a detox period, my rep told me, and that makes sense.

I accidentally overdid it by using the masque AND the leave-in conditioner on the same night and my hair was greasy, but that was my fault.

I kept using it, week after week, and still not really seeing ANY difference. My hair wasn’t shinier or softer or smoother or any of the things it was supposed to be.

Then the shampoo bottle was empty and I still had a whack of the conditioner and masque leftover. And I wasn’t sold. 

I went back to using my regular cheap-o shampoo, with the Monat leave-in conditioner afterwards, and my hair didn’t seem to notice or care. That’s what I’m still doing.

The only noticeable difference is that now, when I get out of the shower and towel-dry my hair a little before applying the Monat leave-in conditioner, my hair is feels more in need of the conditioner. When I was using the Monat shampoo, it did feel softer and less parched during that towelling-off before grabbing the leave-in conditioner. So yes, when my hair was wet, I could feel a difference.

For me, Monat wasn’t a miracle. If I had bought it at a store, yeah, I’d definitely be annoyed that I spent more than a hundred dollars on something that didn’t really do what it promised. But I’m not annoyed at all, and here’s why:

I bought it from a real person.

It’s important to support small businesses, and yes, these businesses count. The ones where you have parties and online parties. The ones where you maybe pay a little bit more than something is REALLY worth, to be honest, but you do it because you’re helping a friend reach their next level or get their bonus or make their team leader proud.

In the same way that these friends support *my* business by clicking on my blogs and commenting on my articles, I can support them by flipping through their e-catalogues and finding something to buy.

I have hosted Pampered Chef parties and Jamberry parties and spent an ungodly amount of money. I have attended Stella & Dot parties and Younique parties and Tupperware parties and bought things I possibly have probably gotten for less money somewhere else. That isn’t the point.

The point is that I’d rather give my friend/neighbour/kid’s friend’s mom a cut of my purchase, rather than a big box store who couldn’t care less what shampoo I’m buying.

Monat wasn’t a miracle for me, but it seems to be for a lot of other people. If it had been a miracle — giving me unbelievably smooth, soft hair — you can bet I would have been signing up as as VIP and getting a regular shampoo order. It would have been worth it, and I would have felt good about regularly supporting my friend’s venture.

We all have friends who work so hard on these small businesses. They deserve for us to give their products a chance. 

It doesn’t mean you have to buy something from them every single month, but it means you need to at least try.

3 Comments on “For me, Monat wasn’t a miracle … but here’s why I don’t regret trying it

  1. I think your comments regarding supporting family and friends small businesses is heartwarming. So many people just want to send their money up to corporate monstrosities rather than people they know.


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