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What to do when your dog swallows a grape {Heather's Handmade Life}

I had a thoroughly unpleasant hour earlier this week when C dropped half a grape while she was eating her lunch.

Half a frigging grape! Shouldn’t have been a big deal buttttt …

Annabelle gobbled it up.

Darling Husband noticed her eating something and asked C what it was. I JUST SO HAPPENED to have warned him THAT MORNING that grapes are toxic to dogs, so he panicked and ran down to my office and then I panicked and there was much, much panicking.

I called the vet almost in tears. They said we could wait to see how she was (i.e. was she drinking a lot of water, struggling to pee, etc.) and get bloodwork done the next day. I asked if we should induce vomiting and GET THAT GRAPE OUT, and they came back a few minutes later with instructions on how to do that.

(All I could think about was the Ipecac scene from Anne of Green Gables, and it just took me almost two minutes to get the correct spelling via Google because I was so far off.)

I sent Darling Husband rushing down to the drugstore in a screamy fit of panic (I was wrongly blaming him because YOU WERE ON DUTY and it was not a good moment for me).

WARNING: Gross stuff ahead, if you’re not a pet-owner. 

So, keeping in mind I’m not a vet (not even a vet Barbie), here’s how we got our almost-four-month-old puppy to yak up half a grape, according to the vet’s excellent instructions …

  • I fed her a meal (wet food, so she’d eat it) and wouldn’t be upchucking on an empty stomach
  • We filled an eyedropped with 5ml (one teaspoon) of 3% Hydrogen Pexoide, held her down, and squeezed it down her throat.
  • She coughed a little and it clearly did not taste good. Poor thing.
  • We immediately took her down to the grass and walked her around.
  • Within 1-2 minutes, she threw up a (sorry) foamy puddle that included the chunk of grape (fully intact)
  • I plucked it from the puddle (ew) and whooped excitedly that it was out of her!
  • She then threw up a little bit twice more, and seemed to be feeling like herself shortly thereafter
The whole terrible experience was over in less than 30 minutes, from ingestion to regurgitation. I sank down to the kitchen floor afterwards and could barely move. It was like having an emergency with one of the kids! (OK, not QUITE to that extent but REALLY CLOSE.)
And now, to look on the bright side, we have a bottle of this very effective stuff with instructions on how to use it. It’s been labeled and will forever live in the bin of Annabelle’s gear.

Also I informed the family we are no longer buying grapes. They were displeased but I don’t care. NO MORE GRAPES!

The End

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  1. I didn't know that grapes were toxic to dogs. I have three cats. I wonder if they are toxic to them too. Thanks for sharing this information. PS You are a great writer love reading your posts.

    Kinda Bush

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