DIY faux floating shelves

I’ll never know if my husband bought me my own mitre saw and drill set for my birthday out of love, or because he no longer wanted to be responsible for executing all of my crazy Pinterest ideas. Either way, I finally have my own power tools! BONUS: I still have all of my fingers to type this.

My very first project, on my actual birthday, was building faux floating shelves for our basement bathroom. I wanted them to be somewhere around 24” long to fit neatly above the toilet. I decided buying a single 6’1 x 6 board made sense, since I could get three shelves out of it.

(Why oh WHY does a 1 x 6 board actually measure 3/4” by 5 1/2”? I don’t understand it, but I’m going to have to start thinking of “1 x 6” as a nickname rather than actual measurements.)

I used my new saw to cut three shelf pieces — each one 22” long. Then I grabbed a long skinny 1×2 and chopped off six little pieces — one to match up with each end of the shelves. No measuring tape required, by the way. I just held the 1 x 2 up against the end of a shelf and drew a pencil line, and then used my first piece as a template to cut the other five.

The last cuts were boards for the front to create the sneaky look of having thick, chunky floating shelves …

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