DIY built-in desk for the kitchen

Last month I shared the HUGE transformation of painting our hutches white, but this the final part of that story: a built-in desk squeezed into the tiny nook left on that wall.

It was wasted space, really. We had one main hutch, a second hand-me-down hutch (both pretty much loaded with the kids’ art supplies rather than dishes), and a 24” gap. A space like that isn’t good for much, except maybe a fiddle-leaf fig. (I’m working on keeping practice plants alive at the moment.)

I’ve always stored my Chromebook in the top drawer of the main hutch, and then just set it up on the dining room table whenever I needed it. But then the power cord stretched across the room, and tripping hazards are never good in a house with little kids and clumsy adults.

I decided the little 24” gap was perfect for sneaking in a small built-in desk …

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