DIY adjustable pet bed

We’re expecting a fuzzy bundle of puppy love later this month, so of course we’ve all been excitedly preparing for her arrival.

The kids and I decided to make a pet bed rather than buy one. We wanted an adjustable bed that would grow as our pup grows, so we decided on a simple little pattern that turned out really well. All you need is a sewing machine, a bit of stuffing or batting and two metres of cozy fleece fabric, like this gorgeous pink and white buffalo check from Atlantic Fabrics.

Start by folding the fleece in half on the floor, right sides together. You want to cut through both layers to make two huge circles. I put a round platter in the centre and used it as a guide so I could draw a much larger circle (about 95 centimetres in diameter) with a washable marker.

The kids love pinning, so they got to work pinning both circles together around the edges. Then it was time to start sewing!

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