A tale (tail) of two pups

Thank you for the kind words after our exciting announcement last week. Annabelle should be coming home with us on or around August 27, and we’re so, so, so excited.
But there’s a bit of a backstory here. A painful one, actually, and it starts with a little brown pup with velvety soft ears and a penchant for Britney Spears outfits.
In my parenting column this week, I recapped some feelings I shared last January

Yes, there are plenty of people who Kijiji or Craigslist their pets because it’s not convenient, or they’re moving and don’t want to bring them along. But there are also people who love their pets desperately — who whisper in their floppy ears and sing them songs and sew them clothes — and still have to re-home them. People who think they are doing what’s best for their (human) baby, and are then haunted with their decision …

… and I also expanded that essay and talked about what it means for us now

Somewhere, too, there was the twinge of sadness that the kids are growing up so fast and they need me less and less. An unexpected surgery took away my ability to have a third baby — although we likely would not have, anyway — and a dog felt like a compromise of sorts. A perma-baby, in a way. A redemption. 

We slowly started to do the research. We compared the sizes and qualities and temperaments of countless breeds. We adopted Lola on a whim with absolutely zero forethought, so we knew we couldn’t make that mistake again. We looked at rescue sites and online listings and I waited to feel that spark — to know we were looking at The One.

So what do you think?

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