Chippy furniture finish with milk paint

Curb Giveaway Week is one of my favourite weeks of the year, and last month I managed to get two gorgeous old chairs (and a really cool table that will make an appearance in this column soon, I’m sure).

Some people would have left them as-is, and not messed with their natural finish. But we all know I’m not that girl.

They sat on my porch while I decided what to do with them, and I finally decided I would swap out the white-painted Windsor chairs at the head of our table for these babies — painted, of course.

I sanded them down and went to Onslow Historic Lumber for Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint in Luckett’s Green — no, it is not named after Pete Luckett, although it would make sense because wouldn’t his paint colour be a nice, fresh green? We have bits of green throughout our main level — which is heavy on the blue, white, and grey — so it was a safe choice.

Here’s the thing about milk paint: if you use it on raw wood, it will never chip or flake off because it’s almost like a stain. If you use it on finished wood — like these chairs — you need to mix it with a bonding agent so it will adhere. But there’s a special third option that Miss Mustard Seed herself is famous for: the chippy look.

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