Sew your own reversible fabric bins

I never seem to have enough baskets, bins and storage cubes, but sometimes it’s hard to find exactly the colour or pattern I’m looking for. That’s why I’m SO excited to have figured out how to make them myself — from any fabric. The possibilities are going to be endless!

There are a lot of great free printable patterns online, but I grabbed Jessica’s version from It basically involves cutting out two large “H” shapes that fold up to form the basket, and four skinny strips to form the handles. Super easy!



The key to making these baskets sturdy is to use mid-heavyweight interfacing, which feels similar to dryer sheets and can be ironed onto fabric to make it stiffer. Spread one of your H-shaped fabric pieces onto your interfacing, trace it, cut it out and iron it to the wrong side to strengthen it. Adding interfacing to the handles also makes them stronger.

To assemble your basket, take each “H” piece and fold it (right sides together) to it turns into a short, fat “T.” Sew up the top sides and press the seams flat …

Continue reading in my weekly DIY column, My Handmade Home, and be sure to grab Jessica’s awesome free pattern over on

This project has been sponsored by Atlantic Fabrics’ six locations across Nova Scotia, including the brand-new Halifax store on Parkland Drive.

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