Should kids be world travellers?

Our kids have barely left the province and I feel guilty about it. They’ve been to P.E.I. for a camping trip, to New Brunswick for a quick day trip and to Ontario for a week at their grandparents’ house. Other than that, our family travel has been limited to lugging the 1991 Jayco tent trailer around Nova Scotia.

Because my husband works for a major airline, it makes me feel even more guilty for not carpe-ing the diem out of his employee perks. Shouldn’t we be the ones jetting off at a moment’s notice, or at the very least planning incredible vacations?

Sometimes I fantasize about packing four small carry-on suitcases and four backpacks and just … going. Driving to the airport and hopping on whatever flight strikes our fancy. No need to check bags or hassle with missed connections because there wouldn’t be a plan. We’d stay somewhere for a night or two and come home full of stories and photos. Maybe we’d start a fun collection where we buy a mug or mini license plate in each spot we visit.

How amazing would it be to take your kids to every single province and territory before they were 10 years old? How awesome would it be to also say you’ve been in every single U.S. state? I’m 32 and I’ve only been to six provinces and nine states (several of which were just stopovers or drive-throughs). We could even make a point of visiting totally random spots like Cincinnati and Milwaukee instead of just the biggest cities.

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