Little Live Pets review + giveaway

The following is a sponsored conversation with Little Live Pets. 

An exciting package came in the mail recently, and it wasn’t something I’d forgotten I’d ordered online (which is usually the case).

The kids were lucky enough to review (a.k.a. get enlisted to play with awesome new toys!) the Little Live Pets Sweet Talkin’ Pets Single Pack and the Little Live Pets Sweet Talkin’ Pets Basket Pack.

C nabbed the bird (duck? bird? we can’t agree) and D was thrilled to get the puppy dog, so it worked out well. I told them the basket and accessories (little food dish, little chew toy) were for sharing.

Well, they were in L-U-V, as Stacey McGill would say. Because these aren’t just little velvety toys that chirp and bark. THEY REPEAT ANYTHING YOU SAY in the most adorable little chipmunk voice.

D got the hang of it immediately and, well, let’s just say there were poop jokes coming out of the mouth of that sweet little dog.

C took longer to get the hang of holding down the button to record, and then she tried to get her bird (which she named Keira, naturally) to repeat 25-second monologues that sounded suspiciously like she memorized them from a YouTube channel about unboxing toys. (“I hope you wiked dis. Fanks for watching!”)

And now for a story …

I took the puppy upstairs that night after the kids were in bed and recorded a message so that D would find it when he woke up. “Good morning, Baby,” I said into the microphone. “Mommy says you can have the iPad after six.”

(That’s our rule. He has a clock in his room. It was necessary.)

I pressed the button to hear the message and it was perfect (hilariously squeaky) so I left the dog sitting on top of the iPad, which sits on my dresser all night so D doesn’t wake up at 3 a.m. and nab it secretly.

I got in bed and started to read when the pup barked a minute later. I ignored it, figuring he’d stop in a sec. A few minutes later, he started barking what sounded like the tune of the alphabet. Again, I waited. Then he started repeating my message! Then a pause, then more barking. Apparently these little guys chatter away for a while before they put themselves to sleep. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

(Pupster eventually went to sleep and so I did, without having to get out of bed and shut him off. D listened to the message in the morning and was kind of astonished that the pup said something he hadn’t recorded. It was darn cute.)

Also … I may or may not have stolen the bird and dog at different times to send hilarious high-pitched messages to Darling Husband (“Heather wants a snaaaaaack!” “Your wife is the best!”).

Sidebar: I’m actually quite freaked out by real birds. I get anxious in the pet store when the kids drag me in to see the animals. The birds are very pretty, of course, but they’re also screechy and claw-y and their beaks are terrifyingly sharp.

When I was a kid, the Penhorn Mall pet store had a huge parrot (?) that was uncaged and I was always afraid it was going to lunge at me. You don’t see that any more in pet stores. Probably because someone really was attacked!)

This post is getting off track, so let’s get to the good part: GIVEAWAY TIME!

Want to win a Little Live Pets Sweet Talkin’ Pets Basket Pack (about $34.99 in stores)?

Leave a comment or tag me on Instagram/Twitter (@HFXHeather) telling me about an animal that freaks you out!

(Open to Canadian residents only, which is kind of awesome because that never happens)

5 Comments on “Little Live Pets review + giveaway

  1. anything with more than 4 legs or anything that slithers freak me out! Spiders in the basement? No thank you, I can live upstairs until it is taken care of.

    I've never seen these before and they are adorable! We have an elf voice recorder (hilarious) so my boy would love these!


  2. What animal freaks me out is a snake. I have never liked them! Snake anywhere around and I am out of there! The animals in this review are very cute 🙂 (


  3. I'd have to say Snakes!
    No matter the size ! I'm just so scared of the way the move, look & the whole sticking out the tongue thing, haha.
    I prefer anything small, fluffy and cuddly.


  4. SHARKS!!!!! omg sharks totally freak me out. I cannot look at them or get into the ocean, which I guess is kind of easy cause I don't really go anywhere LOL


  5. I'm totally disgusted by snakes. I wish I wasn't but unfortunately I am. I see at least a few of them every summer and I scream and run every time:)


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