Put a family recipe on a custom cutting board

My sister was surprised when I asked for a wood-burning set for Christmas. Not because I wanted something from a craft store (that much was obvious), or that I wanted a high-heat tool even though I once burned down my bedroom (that was years ago). No, she was shocked I was taking up a “hipster hobby” that she described as “actually kind of cool right now.”

(I am not known for my coolness or an ability to be “on fleek,” as the kids say.)

So on Christmas morning I unwrapped a lovely pyrography kit and wood canvases. Thank you, Sis! I started practicing on a test piece right after breakfast and got used to changing the different metal tips and making different patterns. I loved it!

For my first big project, I knew exactly what I wanted to do: trace one of our mom’s recipes — in her handwriting — onto a thick piece of wood to make a food-safe cutting board.

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  1. This is truly a back to basics project and one of the most useful items have you shared. Thank you very much.

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