DIY wooden list board

I’d had this project on my to-make list for ages because the concept was so simple. A tiny roll of paper on a scrap of wood, creating a convenient spot to jot down grocery lists or to-do lists and then rip them off for taking along with you.

I bought the tiny rolls of adding-machine paper (which the kids hilariously thought was miniature toilet paper) and stained a small piece of wood with finishing cloths. But then the project was stalled.

I was stumped as to how to hang the roll from the top of the wood. I also couldn’t find metal strips that were wide enough to cover the width of the paper, but not so big that they hung over the edges. I asked my handy husband to help me but he didn’t have any suggestions (he has to be in exactly the right mood to bust out the tools).

Finally, I channelled a sneaker company and told myself “Heather, just do it!” Pinterest was taunting me and I was finishing that project one way or another. I held a paper roll up against the board and decided it didn’t matter too much if the metal plates hung over the edge. I was going for it!

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