Modern console table makeover

There once was a low console table that lived in the front hall of my mom’s house. It had a woollen hat and mittens on the drawers and three kids sledding across the top along with a few whimsical snowdrifts. It became one of those fixtures that you stopped seeing after a while, but it really was nice … in a very kitschy country way.

It went into storage earlier this year and I asked my mom if I could take it and redo it. No way, she told me, it’s hand-painted! I couldn’t just slap white paint on it and call it a day! (I do paint a lot of things white, so that was fair.)

But no! I said I’d give the hat-and-mitten thingy a lovely new home and I wouldn’t just “slap some white paint on it.” I would make it really, really awesome and it would have a brand-new life living somewhere in our house. It would be appreciated … albeit without the hat and mittens, of course.

When I finally got permission, I whisked the table home and picked out the perfect shade of Fusion Mineral Paint — a deep charcoal-y shade called “Ash.” It went on beautifully over the varnished finish (no sanding or priming required, hallelujah!) and barely needed a second coat. Once it dried, I rubbed it with a bit of Miss Mustard Seed’s Furniture Wax to give it a light sheen — and to protect it from child-sized smudges.

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