DIY pedestal photo frames

Whenever I’m in the frame aisle of a store, I turn into one of those fist-shaking seniors who complain about the high prices. Thirty dollars for that?! Frames used to be reasonably priced back in my day!

But wait, let me put my cane down and tell you what I did about it.

This project actually began months ago, back in the sunny summer mornings of traipsing around yard sales. Oh, how our family loves yard sales! I buy so many items that it usually takes me most of the fall and winter to remake everything, and that’s exactly how I like it.

This past summer, one of the items on my hope-to-find list was a set of candlesticks. I knew I could buy them at the craft store or the Dollar Store, but they were always more than I wanted to pay.

I spotted this black ceramic trio at a yard sale 10 minutes from our house and snapped them up like I’d discovered a rare treasure. They were not priced, and the lady said I could have all three for a dollar. Happily, I dropped a loonie into her palm and thanked her.

The lady next to me commented that they’d look really nice with some new candles in them, but I said, “Oh no, these are actually going to be picture frames.” Well, those ladies looked at me like I was crazy. I tried to explain what I meant, but I don’t think they got it — hopefully they are reading now!

When I got home from yard saleing, I dug through my bin of old photo frames and picked out three flimsy metal ones I’d bought years ago at the drugstore. I needed something nice and lightweight, and these were so plain I didn’t mind sacrificing them. I spread a tarp on the lawn and misted everything — frames and candlesticks — with two coats of pale turquoise spray paint (Krylon’s Blue Ocean Breeze.)

Then I took the pieces inside once they were dry and promptly forgot about them for three months.

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