Bar cart? Nah, how about a tea cart?

So Chairish inspired me to style one of their awesome bar carts, and I was flattered because I’m not really a mood board person — let alone a maker of mood boards that could be considered share-worthy!

(I’m more of a pin-lots-of-ideas and run-madly-to-the-store-on-a-whim kind of girl.)

A bar cart was actually kind of a funny thing for me to be asked to style because I don’t drink alcohol. So I decided to pick the Vintage Italian Marquetry Inlaid Serving Cart because it had a very Laura Ingalls Wilder vibe (which I’m super into) and make … a tea cart!

How dreamy would it be to have this in my dining room, styled with dainty tea cups and platters and cake pedestals — already to have a few girlfriends over for tea and scones while our kids ran wild downstairs in the toyroom? Ahhh …

The Tea Cart

Wheeled cart
940 CAD –

Fenton silver cake stand
150 CAD –

Copper kettle
130 CAD –

Thanks to Chairish for inspiring the idea! This was fun — and now I totally need another cup of tea. Maybe a warm tea biscuit, too. Mmm.

So what do you think?

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