Three ways to DIY a lettered canvas

Walking around our house is sort of like flipping through a life-size book of quotes. In frames, on canvases, on chalkboards, there are hundreds of words and phrases — mostly inspiration ones, but a lot of funny ones, too.

On the wall in my home office: “Being an artist is like being yourself for a living.” On the wall in the kitchen: “Donut worry, be happy.” Even the powder room has several prints with phrases, like my favourite “We used to want it all. Now we just want to pee alone.”

Want to get a head start on handmade holiday gifts, or just give your favourite phrase a place of honour on the wall? Here are three different ways (and different price-points) to put words on your wall — without needing a stencil, a paintbrush or a steady hand:

OPTION A: Paper letters ($) a.k.a. the cheapest option

I picked up a clearance package of paper letters and numbers (Elmer’s BoardMate) that are designed for classroom bulletin boards and Grade 8 bristol board projects. I liked the contrast of the black letters as I laid them out on the unpainted white canvas and brushed a layer of Mod Podge on top.

But as the clear top coat had dried, the paper letters wrinkled and bubbled. As Cher Horowitz would say, this attempt was “a full-on Monet” — OK from far away, but a big old mess up close.

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