When it’s time to grow up and cook a damn turkey

Only grown-ups host Thanksgiving.

That was my first thought when I heard hints that perhaps it was our turn to gather everyone together for turkey dinner.

Us? Prepare and serve one of the fanciest meals of the year to a large group of relatives? You do realize that we only recently stopped eating Hamburger Helper and we only own one pot with a lid?

Michael and I started dating in Grade 11, so we have spent the last 14 Thanksgivings attending meals at each other’s family homes. My family’s dinner was always a small affair for three (four, once Michael joined us), but his family’s dinner often included more than 20 immediate family members. That’s a lot of pie.

Traditionally, Michael’s older sisters take turns hosting Thanksgiving dinner and Christmas dinner while his parents host Christmas Eve. They do a lovely job, and we’ve been happy attendants. They both have dining rooms with actual dining room sets, plus kitchen tables, and more chairs than you could ever want. They also have luxuries like gravy boats and silver ladles and … more than nine forks.

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