DIY Disaster Diary: The two-toned deck

Halloween is coming up, so this weekend I shared my version of a DIY horror story: the two-toned deck. Like all horror stories, it starts off cheerfully, but then there’s a lot of screaming and crying and it ends on kind of a dark note.

I can sum up two-toned decks by ripping off a classic nursery rhyme: When they look good, they look very very good — but when they look bad, they look horrid.

Actually, wait, I have another one: If you want to test your patience and your marriage, try a two-tone deck!When we moved into our home in the fall of 2011, the deck, porch and basement stairs were just plain wood weathered to a grey-ish colour.

We didn’t touch them for the first summer because my project-weary husband, Michael, insisted they were “a special kind of wood that can’t be stained.” Yes, I’m really that gullible.

Once I learned he was pulling my leg — and punished him appropriately — I started browsing photos of decks and decided I loved the two-tone look.


Spoiler alert: this is when things started to get ugly …

You don’t realize how large your deck and porch really are until you are crying sweaty, angry tears and cursing the day you ever saw a two-toned deck on Pinterest.

Read the full story over in my weekly DIY column in The Chronicle Herald, My Handmade Home … 

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