Ridiculous but amazing: sew a cosy for your cleaning wipes

Yes, this is quite possibly the most hilarious, unnecessary thing I have ever created, but it’s also one of my favourites.

I love using antibacterial wipes to clean the kitchen counters and polish up the taps in the bathrooms, so I had one container in each bathroom plus one in the kitchen.
I was redoing our upstairs bathroom for my DIY column, and decided that I either had to find a new home for the wipes container or make it prettier. 
And so … 
So if you, like me, are a little bit ridiculous and also totally awesome, here’s how to make your own cover for a container of cleaning wipes … 
Step 1: Grab a scrap of fabric that’s a couple of inches taller than your container, and wide around to wrap around it with some overlap.

Step 2: Hem the bottom.

Step 3: Fold down the top (towards the inside) and pin where it reaches the top of the container. Hem the top.

Step 4: Wrap the cosy around the container (right side touching the label) and pin along the side — nice and tight, so your cosy fits like a snug pair of skinnies. Sew up the side, and you’re done.

Ridiculous. Amazing. Kind of practical?

This project is all of those things. You’re welcome.

Now what else needs a slipcover? Hmm, maybe the coffee maker? It’s pretty fug.

So what do you think?

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