DIY dollhouse from old shelves

My mom is getting ready to leave the house she’s lived in since I was eight, which means she’s majorly downsizing. I’ve been pilfering little items (and not-so-little items) that I can’t bear to see sold or donated, or items that I think I can remake in my weekly DIY column.

One of the things I’ve rescued was this beat-ups set of wooden shelves.

Inspired by Young House Love’s figurine cubby, I decided to make a place for the kids to organize and play with their little homeless figures — you know, beloved Happy Meal toys, tiny princesses, board game pieces that have been adopted as toys.

Good news, DIYers! I’ve found a way to combine the most joyful elements of crafting — brightly-coloured paints, polka dots, pretty scrapbook paper, chevron, gold leaf, stripes and glitter — all into a single project that’s easy to create while watching your favourite TV show. 

We’ve been doing a lot of major projects around our Handmade Home over the past couple of months, from making over our master bedroom/bathroom and redoing our kitchen cabinets to turning our entry closet into a mudroom — so this week’s project was a nice break from power tools and days of manual labour. 

As much as I love tackling the big projects on my ever-growing list, it’s also satisfying (and less expensive!) to work on a smaller piece using materials we already have. Plus, anything I can create while watching a few episodes of Scandal is a win in my book.

View the full tutorial

Check out the full tutorial, break out your fancy glitter, and make your own. Oh, and then comment telling me how much you love Scandal, because OMGSOGOOD.


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