How we turned a disorganized hall closet into a functional mudroom

Our front entryway closet has always gotten a lot of action on the blog.
I posted about its painful, messy beginnings and how we attempted to change it into a mudroom, and then I shared how we tweaked the storage solutions as the kids got a little older.
But even with all of those changes, I still wasn’t happy with it.

In this week’s DIY column, I outlined my 99 (well, four) problems with this closet …


So what did we do? Well, we Pinterested (yes, that’s a verb) the heck out of it. The biggest change came from the fact that I convinced Darling Husband that we didn’t need the hanging bar, because the kids can’t reach it (and won’t be able to for a long time). We went hook-wild (that’s like hog-wild, only … hookier).
The kids can hang up their own coats, bags, hats, etc. which means less work for meeeee. I completely and totally LOVE the results. I’m pretty sure this is a mudroom closet that’s going to work for years to come.
Want to see the full tutorial and more “after” photos? Pop over to my DIY column and ch-ch-check it out.
View the full tutorial 


View the tutorial


2 Comments on “How we turned a disorganized hall closet into a functional mudroom

  1. Where did you find the wire baskets you screwed into the wall? I have a similar problem with our front hall closet and have tried a hundred different ways to make it work. Seeing your new space makes me want to change it one more time… Those wire baskets would be a game changer though!

  2. We bought all of the baskets at Kent, Megan! The shoe baskets are just general storage baskets, and the small baskets are dish drainer baskets (all made out of the same white-coated metal). They're great!

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