Vacation, all I ever wanted?

We’re back from our first non-camping vacation with the kids, and I talked a bit about our adventures in my parenting column this week.


(Namely: the kids sharing a room/bed and keeping each other awake, getting waaaaay off our schedule, and visiting “Canada’s Flordia,” as I describe Ontario my dear American friends)

… But going on a “real” vacation opened us up to a world of firsts: having the kids bunk together in one bed, turning them loose in an unfamiliar house (with expensive tchotchkes tempting them from every angle), living with a dog, driving long distances in big-city traffic, eating dinner much later than usual and generally spending our days in completely new ways.

As Ma Ingalls used to say in my favourite Little House on the Prairie books, “Sometimes a change is as good as a rest.” I wouldn’t say this has been the most restful trip, as we shuttle the kids to different sights and experiences they’d never get to see at home — like touching real elephants and giraffes at the African Lion Safari! — but everything about it has been different …

Read the full column in this week’s The Mom Scene 

So what do you think?

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