Our master bedroom makeover: Week 1 (Paint)

You guys may remember that our bedroom has been a big, dark, green machine for more than three years now. We painted it right after we moved into the house, while we were still sleeping on our mattress in soon-to-be-born C’s bedroom, since our furniture is so heavy that we only wanted to move it around once.
Since we were painting the rest of our House of Dreams in fresh, cool-toned colours (light blue, grey, even teal), I thought it would be a good idea to have our bedroom super warm, dark, and cozy. I went crazy pinning cave-like bedrooms with thick velvet curtains and fireplaces and candles … and then I stopped short of all of that, in the actual decorating.
For the month of May in my weekly DIY column, I’m completely making over our master bedroom (and the attached bathroom). In this weekend’s issue, we showed off the new paint colour: Benjamin Moore’s Revere Pewter.
Super original, huh? I know it seems like every blogger and their dog has used that shade, but you know what? There’s a very good reason for that …


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