How to sew a cozy nap mat

I don’t know if it’s a common problem with crafters, but does anyone else struggle with a bit of … nerves … when it comes to gifting something handmade (opposed to something store-bought)?

There have been times when I’ve given a handmade gift and it’s been really appreciated, and you can tell the person understood the time/energy/thought that went into it — not to mention the money that went into buying the supplies — and it feels great.

But there are also those times when someone doesn’t seem totally sold on the idea of a handmade gift, even if they’re polite about it, and you kind of feel like you’re standing there holding a finger-painting. Ugh.

(Of course, looking back, some handmade gifts that I made and thought were awesome at the time *cough* terrible homemade jewelry *cough* were actually not-that-awesome.)

Anyway, point is — I made one of these nap mats for my sister and she loved it, so I got the idea of making one for a dear little friend of my son. Darling Husband looked at me like I was crazy — we always buy gifts for kiddie birthdays — and I second-guessed myself a lot. But in the end, she adored it — and her parents seemed to genuinely like it, too, so I felt redeemed.

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These nap mats are so cute (and practical!) and I kind of want to make a dozen more. You just need a few yards of flannel (pre-washed), four pillows, and snaps or velcro to seal up one side — so the pillows can be removed when the mat needs to be washed.

(Do kids still eat cheese popcorn at sleepovers? That was always a staple for me and Best Friend. We once hid the leftovers under the bed, and her Bichon Frise got into it, which was hilarious at the time for some reason.)

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