Magnetic letters that aren’t hideous

You’ve seen those fridges. THOSE fridges — the ones that are covered with horrible little plastic letters and artwork. I’m sorry, but I like artwork (even kiddie artwork) on my walls, and nothing on my fridge. I’m kind of a hard-ass that way.
I’ve been getting some great reader emails about this weekend’s “My Handmade Home” column (which runs in the Chronicle Herald, if you’re local).
Inspired by Roo Ciambriello’s post on non-obnoxious alphabet magnets (over on Semi Proper), I decided to put something together for the kids. Our fridge is decidedly un-magnetic, so I had to make a special board for the magnets, too.
It was a really easy project, but the kids were thrilled with how it turned out.



These remind me of chocolate, but I have no idea why. They’re gold!


Check out the full column to see how my magnetic letter board turned out!



Three easy chalkboard paint projects


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