There once was a child who swallowed a screw

He confessed right after breakfast, as I was busy trying to get all of us out the door. His guilty expression gave him away.

I stopped in the middle of styling my daughter’s hair and asked him to repeat himself. “You ate what?!”

“I ate a screw.”

Life is never dull with young children, except I wish it wasn’t quite as exciting as a four-year-old swallowing a hunk of metal.

I put down the hairbrush, knelt at his level, and started firing questions at him. He couldn’t tell me when he’d swallowed it. He said it happened when I was at Zumba and Daddy was working, which was clearly not true because he’s never home alone.

Then he told me it happened “last week.” When I pushed him again, he said “maybe Sunday?”

Four-year-olds have no sense of time, which is frustrating when their stomach might be a ticking time bomb.

 My journalistic instincts took over and I started asking if it had been dark out or light out. Had it happened at naptime or after bedtime? Where did he get the screw? How big was the screw? Oh yeah, and WHY WOULD YOU SWALLOW A SCREW, CHILD?!

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