Saying yes to new traditions

In keeping with our new tradition of not getting each other giftcards — or any physical gifts at all — for our birthdays, Best Friend and I met today for one of our new and totally awesome birthday lunches.

It was wonderful.

I think you (at least I) honestly forget how nice it is to catch up with friends (A) IN PERSON and (B) WITHOUT YOUR CHILDREN and (C) in a more upscale environment than McDonalds.

We talked about everything (kids, work, family, etc.) and I left feeling rejuvenated! Why, oh why, in this age of All Things Internet, does it have to be so hard to get together in person?

I mean, who else can reminisce about that one Halloween when we were 11 and dressed up as Elvis and Priscilla?!

(Spoiler alert; I think I just looked like a hooker)

Let’s do it again soon.


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