I’m missing nacho cheese crumbs already

I’ve never signed up for any kind of formal weight loss challenge before. 
I’ve only ever attempted things on my own, and … that was really only … like once? If I’m only counting serious efforts?
But thanks to my newfound love of Zumba, I’ve signed up for a lengthy “Fall Back to Fitness Weight Loss Challenge.” It runs from today (September 3) through November 26, which is … a long commitment, to say the least.
See my little picture? I’m officially signed up!

You get points for attending Zumba classes, points for staying late to complete additional exercises (planks, push-ups, etc.), points for tracking your food/exercise using MyFitnessPal, points for bringing new people to class. You also get points for losing weight, which is measuring by a percentage of your overall weight.

The weigh-ins are done before class begins — tonight was the first one — and the instructor writes them down in a notebook. I am quite possibly the biggest in the class (SKINNY PEOPLE! EVERYWHERE!) so I was nervous weighing in tonight, and showed up before anyone else arrived.

Right now, I’m 18 lbs. heavier than the milestone weight I reached when I lost 60 lbs. after having Baby C (23 lbs. heavier than the lightest-I-ever-was-as-a-Mom weight).  I’d like to get those 18 lbs. off, but I fear the only way I got that low was because I was (A) breastfeeding, and (B) on Weight Watchers.

That time I documented my ass … you know, for posterity!

I’d be happy to lose 10 lbs., thrilled to lose 15 lbs., and overjoyed to lose 20 lbs., but I really have no idea what’s possible. My only real weight-loss experience has been through breastfeeding those calories away.

HOWEVER! I wasn’t exercising at all back then — breastfeeding is like exercising by sitting on your bum and watching TV, and IT’S GLORIOUS. These days, I’m getting to one or two Zumba classes a week — possibly three, now that I’m in this challenge.

Today is the first day I’ve been tracking what I’m eating, I went to Zumba tonight, and I’m well within my calorie range for the day. I’ve been looking through my old weight loss posts and reading about what I used to eat “back then” when I was on Weight Watchers (lots of salsa, apparently?) and I’ve been feeling half-motivated and half-anxious about the whole thing.

Let’s do this!


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