I love my daughter … but man, I wish she’d stop this!

It started out innocently enough, with two mismatched socks.

Our two-year-old daughter decided she wanted to wear socks during her nap, so she pawed through her drawers until she could locate two (very different) socks. In the process, of course, she had thrown dozens of shirts, pairs of leggings, and underwear around her room.

I bent down, grumbled, and picked up all of the tiny articles of clothing. I made her help, of course, but that probably make the ordeal take even longer. I spoke to her firmly about not destroying her room by emptying her (two!) dressers.

“O-tay, Mama,” she answered sweetly, nodding her curly head and heading for the stairs.

The next morning, we woke up to see that she’d done it again. She’d wanted to wear a sweatshirt over her pyjamas, and naturally that meant creating a mountain of jeans and shorts.

She must have felt she was onto something, because soon she was emptying her drawers every day to build a huge nest of clothes — and then she would sleep on it!

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