Ridin’ Dirty: PowerWheels edition

We have an exciting new addition to our family. Nope, it’s not a puppy — and NO, it’s definitely not a baby!

It’s a secondhand PowerWheels Cadillac Escalade (Barbie Edition), and D and C are over the moon with joy over this thing.

So, of course, every time they drive it around, I have a certain song in my head … and I had to make a video about it! …

Ridin’ Dirty: PowerWheels edition from Heather Clarke on Vimeo.

We have all fallen head over heels for this hunk of plastic-and-a-battery. I’m dreaming about giving it a new paint job (it’s currently a faded pink with touches of purple), and Darling Husband is dreaming about modding it with real headlights and a better stereo system. We’re totally grown-ups, I think?
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So what do you think?

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