Fashion Recycling Week: Kick-off party (of sorts)

Weekend naptimes are usually my sewing times, and I value those hours more than you can imagine! 
After working Monday through Friday (in my home office, yes, but still working) and spending every other minute wrangling my sweet-but-screamy two-year-old and three-year-old, the idea of sitting down … alone … and quietly creating something? Yeah, that kind of my definition of perfect alone time.
I usually spend a little time during the week dreaming of what I’m going to make during Saturday or Sunday naptime, and this morning I decided I wanted to make some recycled-type projects. C really needed a few new summer tops — as I’ll explain in more detail tomorrow — so I gathered up a stack of old clothes, a grocery bag of fabric scraps from my mother-in-law (a quilter), and got busy. 
I made SIX tops this afternoon, which is only possible because I was re-vamping most of them. This week, I’ll go through each one and show you how I made it — scissors, basically, and occasionally a few seams. So easy!
The only new from-scratch top I made today was this one, and I wanted to post it as a reminder that you don’t need much fabric to make a top for a teeny two-year-old girl. I usually focus on dresses for C, so it was nice to make something different.

Ready, set, sew … (Heyyyy, that should totally be a reality show. I’d watch)

This is the piece of fabric from my mother-in-law, folded in half (the fabric, not my mother-in-law)

I cut one edge to make two identical rectangles (one on top of the other) and then just trimmed diagonal lines down each of the top corners — to make openings for C’s arms.

I folded, ironed, and pinned a hem (front and back), as well as folded under (and ironed and pinned) the arm holes so they didn’t fray (cotton’s a bitch). Then I folded down the top edges to make a little pocket for a string to slide through, making a halter neck.
Didn’t it turn out cute? I can’t wait for her to wear it with jeggings or pink shorts.

(I made the halter strings from a scrap of old pink T-shirt, and just stretched them in my hands until they were long and thin. It was way easier than sewing little sash-style ties, so I may do that again!)

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I’ll be posting about a different clothing-remodel each day this week, so grab your scissors (and an old shirt) and keep checking back!


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