Fashion Recycling Week: Day 2 (T-shirt to pillowcase dress/tunic)

This week, I’m going through a few kiddie-clothing remodels that I’ve done, so I could add few casual don’t-care-if-they-get-coated-in-ice-cream shirts to C’s wardrobe.
The girl certainly doesn’t lack crisp sundresses or leggings, but she was really short on cruddy tops for beating around the playground. (And of course, I want cruddy to still be cute!)

This shirt was a favourite of D’s, because he loved diggers. Is this a digger? I don’t know. I call them all “yellow things.” Anyway, C loves construction equipment, too, so I thought this would be a fun one for her.

The navy blue neckline and blue overstitching felt really “boy” to me, so I cut straight across the top of the shirt and diagonally down each side, to make the shape for a pillowcase dress … 

I folded down the top of the dress (front and back) to create a little pocket for a string — to make it a halter. Then I cut a strip of navy T-shirt (from one of C’s outgrown tops) to make a ruffle for the bottom.

After I sewed on the ruffle and the pockets for halter strings, I had a very cute little “digger dress.” I have yet to try it on C, so I’m not sure if it will be more “dress” or “tunic,” but I hope she loves it.

And I also hope that I someday figure out the different between these yellow machines … 

Stay tuned all week for more mini-makeovers!


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