The two-year mirror

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Many, many years ago — well, two years ago — we moved into our House of Dreams and began traipsing to every home improvement store in the land. 

During one of our many outings for paint, brushes, and those damn edging pads that Darling Husband likes, I stopped to check out the clearance section.
A mirror! I found a giant mirror! It was 30 x 42 (well, according to the sticker — measuring isn’t my jam) and it was marked down from $59.99 to $10! It was on clearance because it had some minor chips around the edges, but I knew we could cover those with a frame.

I hunkered down to stake it out — like someone would swipe it from my clutches — and insisted we take it home with us. I had no idea what we’d use it for, but it was a MIRROR! A huge mirror! For TEN DOLLARS!

The mirror sat in our basement for two entire years. Then I finally got motivated, harangued Darling Husband to buy four cheapy boards for me, and set to work banging them up. 
It’s fun to beat the crap out of them! Trust me!

Here’s a before and after comparing the virgin boards to the banged-up/stained boards.
I grabbed an old can of Minwax stain and a cheap craft brush, dabbed some stain on a board … 

… took an old dishrag … 

 … and rubbed the stain in until it was smooth. I absolutely love staining because it’s so fast and satisfying. Unlike painting, which requires many frustrating coats (and patience, which I lack).

And here’s the finished product, once Darling Husband screwed everything into the wall at the bottom of the basement stairs … 

It really brightens up the bottom of the stairs — there aren’t any lights in the basement — and I lovvvvve the distressed look of the wood.

Now to scout out the clearance section again for my next will-take-me-two-years project …


View the full tutorial here

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